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Every year in Ireland, thousands of unwanted kittens and cats are disposed of
in one way or another because they are unwanted or because there are not
enough homes available for them. The methods some people use to, as they
put it themselves, "get rid of" unwanted kittens or cats can be cruel, heartless
and downright savage. It can involve drowning, suffocating, poisoning,
dumping, even burying them alive. Yes, this is the unsavoury reality in this
country today. The awful fact is that all of this is completely unnecessary.
There is a SIMPLE, HUMANE SOLUTION to the problem of unwanted litters
of kittens.

This is the most humane way to deal with the
problem of unwanted litters of kittens. It sounds
so simple, yet many cat owners just can't seem
to grasp its meaning. By spaying your female
cat and neutering your male cat, you are
permanently ending the reproduction capacity
of that cat. This is not cruel or going against
nature. It is much kinder than having to put
litters of unwanted kittens to sleep or drowning
them or "getting rid of them" in a hundred and
one other ways as mentioned already.

A female cat can become pregnant at SIX months of age. She can have
THREE litters of kittens per year with an average of FIVE kittens per litter.
Now it doesn't take a genius to work out the figures. Whatever way you look at
it, you are talking too many kittens. A cat can be spayed or neutered at ANY
AGE from SIX MONTHS onwards. It is a myth that a female cat should have
one litter before being spayed. There is no sound reason for this. In fact what
she doesn't know, she wont miss. If your female cat does mate, she can still
be spayed up to three weeks after mating. Some Vets will do it further into the
pregnancy but it is life threatening to the cat. Don't allow the situation to
develop that far. A female cat can be spayed once her kittens are SIX weeks
old and don't hang around, thinking, wondering and hesitating or she will be
pregnant again and you will have another litter of unwanted kittens on your
hands. Those are the simple facts.

Mayo Cat Rescue offer 35% discount vouchers to cat owners regardless of
income or circumstances to enable them to have their cats spayed/neutered at
a reduced cost. Just phone or e-mail us and we will send you as many
vouchers as you want. There are Vets in ten towns in Co Mayo who accept
these vouchers. (Westport, Castlebar, Ballina, Ballinrobe, Ballyhaunis,
Charlestown, Kiltimagh, Claremorris, Crossmolina and Killala).

Everyone who uses a Mayo Cat Rescue spay/neuter voucher will be entered
into a draw which takes place at the end of December 2001. The lucky winner
will receive 50 worth of catfood vouchers courtesy of Masterfoods, Dublin
who produce Whiskas, KiteKat, Katkins, Brekkies, etc.

Pictured are
2000 winners
Margaret & Tom
Connolly from
Balla, Co Mayo
receiving their
50 catfood
vouchers from
Maureen, Mayo
Cat Rescue.

If everyone spayed and neutered their cats, it would stop so much suffering
and save so many lives. Be a responsible cat owner, don't allow your cat to
breed uncontrollably.

At just three week old, this unwanted kitten and
its littermate were left in a dustbin to die. Sadly
by the time they were rescued, the littermate was
dead, but this little female survived her ordeal.

Every year thousands of unwanted kittens are
born to unspayed female cats. The reality is that
there are not enough homes available for them
all and consequently many of them meet a
savage cruel death at the hands of their owners.

You can help stop the suffering by spaying/neutering you cat(s). It's up to you. The
spaying of one female cat can mean the prevention of 30 litters (approx. 150 kittens) over
the ten year period she is productive. The neutering of one male cat can prevent him
fathering up to 2,500 kittens in a year. Do it today and help save lives.
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