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The work of Mayo Cat Rescue
From rescuing cats in Achill, Ballina, Claremorris, Louisburgh, Ballinrobe and anywhere in
between and beyond. From organising fund-raising events and volunteers, to producing
the newsletter, to issuing discount vouchers, to answering the phone, to updating the
website. The work of Mayo Cat Rescue is time-consuming and varied.
But it is all done willingly to help animals who can't help themselves. Who have no voice
with which to ask for help. Who are relying on us to rescue them from horrible situations,
to feed them when they are starving, to get Veterinary help for their painful injuries and
illnesses, to have them spayed so they can be free from the exhausting efforts of having
kittens all the time, to placing them in good homes where they can have a good life to, when
necessary, easing them gently from this world to a better place.
The work is tough and demanding, both physically and emotionally. But it is also
extremely rewarding. You only have to look into the eyes of a little kitten that you have
just rescued from a lonely street on a cold wet night, who has just devoured its first meal
in Gods know how many days and is settling down for a long sleep to know it's all worth
it. There are high and lows. Good days and bad. But don't let that put you off if you are
considering volunteering your time to our organisation. We desperately need more
volunteers. There is so much work to be done, a handful of people can't do it all. It's
very easy to say: "Oh, I couldn't do it, I don't have the time, I wouldn't have the
strength." You'll find the time and the strength from somewhere. Remember there are so
many animals out there that need help, YOUR help.
Here are just some of the ways you can help us.
Church Gate Collections

Tourmakeady - third weekend in January
Foxford - mid February
Swinford - end of February
Kiltimagh - second weekend in March
Ballyheane - end of August
Louisburgh - first weekend in September
Mulranny - third weekend in September
Achill Island - mid October
Crossmolina - end of November

Can you give a half an hour before each Mass? It's all we ask! You don't have to do a
thing, just stand at the Church Gate, smile, say "good morning" and people throw
money at you!!!!! What could be easier?


Street Collections

Our Street Collections are held in Westport, Castlebar, Ballina and Claremorris during
the summer months when the weather is usually fine (!) Can you give two to three
hours of your time? The collections are usually either on a Thursday, Friday or
Saturday. All you have to do is shake a bucket or tin and slap a sticker on everyone's

July - Ballina
August - Castlebar
September - Claremorris
September - Westport


Valentine Hampers

In February we have Valentine Hampers which we raffle in Hoban's Westport and
Super Valu, Claremorris. Do you know of any shop/supermarket which would raffle
one of our Valentine Hampers which consist of a bottle of wine, cuddly toy and box of
chocs? Would you be willing to raffle a Valentine Hamper on our behalf in your local
supermarket, shopping centre? Do you know of someone who would be willing to
donate the box of chocs, bottles of wine and cuddly toys? Could you organise that?


Jumble Sale

In early April, we hold our Jumble Sale in the Town Hall, Westport.
We need volunteers on the day to sell the goods. We also need volunteers the previous
evening to set up the tables, hang up the clothes, sort out and arrange all the items and
price them. We need a Van to transport the items to the Town hall. We may also
occasionally need someone to pick up goods from people who may not have cars or
can't get to one of our drop-off points. We also need storage space for the items
especially in the last week when most of the goods arrive! Can you help with any of the
above? Our Jumble Sale is hard work but good crack!


Pet Photo Competition

In May we have our Pet Photo Competition. Do you know someone who would
sponsor our first prize of 50 or someone who might be willing to donate a brand new
camera, digital camera, etc?


Ladies Mini-marathon

In June there is the Ladies Mini-marathon in Dublin. Would you or someone you know
like to participate in this event and raise money for the Mayo Animal Sanctuary Appeal
into the bargain? Sponsorship cards available by phoning 098-27752. This event is a
day out in Dublin and great crack and you don't have to run, you can walk the route!


10k Sponsored Walk

In early July we have our 10k Sponsored Walk for the Mayo Animal Sanctuary Appeal.
The event is held in Castlebar. The walk is leisurely and again is a lovely day out with
fellow animal lovers. Sponsorship cards are available from April/May onwards at the
above No.



We always need help with our newsletter. 1000 are printed every Spring, Summer,
Autumn and Winter and each newsletter has to be folded in half, folded in half again,
put in an envelope. Address labels and stamps have to be put on every envelope and
finally the envelopes have to be sealed shut. It's a lot of work for one person so five or
six of us get together of an evening, crack open a bottle of wine, drink, chat, fold, label
and stamp! And a mundane task is turned into an enjoyable evening. Phone 098-
27752 if you'd like to attend the next "wine & fold" evening!



In November, we hold our Monster Raffle, usually in Dunnes Stores, Castlebar. We
need help with selling the raffle tickets before the draw, as well as on the day of the
draw in Dunnes Stores, so if you can spare two or three or more hours on the day,
please phone 098-27752. If you know of anyone who would like to sponsor our first
prize of E200, please let us know. Our raffle is our biggest fundraiser of the year.


Christmas Cards

Last year for the first time, Christmas Cards in aid of the Mayo Animal Sanctuary
Appeal were available from end of October onwards and were a great success. Could
you sell some in your workplace, leave a bundle in a local card shop , etc? Again
phone the above no if you can help.


Christmas Fair

We hold a Christmas Fair in the Town Hall, Westport in early December. The
following items are needed: toys and books for the Lucky Dip. Wrapping paper for
wrapping the Lucky Dip items. Homemade baked Christmas cakes, mince pies,
puddings, etc. Home-made apple tarts, scones, buns, biscuits, fruit cakes, sponges,
soda bread, etc. Can you make candles, Christmas decorations, wreaths,
centrepieces, Christmas logs? If so, would you like to donate some to our Christmas
Fair? Can you make anything that would make a nice Christmas gift? We need help on
the day to sell the items. Please phone 098-27752 if you can help.


Would you like to organise a fund-raising event for Mayo Cat Rescue or the Mayo
Animal Sanctuary Appeal? A Golf Tournament, Fashion Show, Bag Pack, Coffee
Morning, Swim-a-thon, Parachute Jump, etc? If so, please let us know. We need
funds on an ongoing constant basis to keep the two Charities going.

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