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Three year old Harold became homeless after his carer
died. He had to fend for himself for a year and with
winter coming he was finding it hard going. He was
being fed by his friends, who had pet cats of their own,
but the cats wouldn't accept Harold. Harold was
described as sociable, friendly and easily handled and
would make an excellent pet.

Harold's story touched many of you, and we are
delighted to let you know that he has found a lovely
new home in Achill with a young couple.
Amber lived in a Car Park in Westport for some
months before being rescued. She survived thanks
to business people in the area feeding her on a
regular basis. But as the winter approached and
the weather turned colder, it was decided the time
had come for her to be rescued. Shortly after being
rescued, Amber found a new home which she
shares with 3 children and two dogs.

The latest report is that she has settled right in and
is doing well.
Tiger Lily was dumped at a house early last
year. The people in the house where she
was dumped completely ignored her cries
for help until a neighbour intervened and
she was brought to Mayo Cat Rescue.

She was subsequently spayed and rehomed
to a lovely family outside Castlebar.
Missy was one of several kittens rescued last
year by Mayo Cat Rescue. She has since
found a lovely home in Westport.
These two cats were among several
unwanted cats rescued from a farm
in Mayo. The result of uncontrolled
breeding. These two were adopted
by a lovely family from Galway and
this is a photo of them in their new
home looking the picture of health
and happiness!
Snowy was dumped at a Petrol Station in
Westport in late 2000. The worst place for a
deaf cat to be dumped. Snowy was very
nervous, possibly as a consequence of her
deafness but soon settled when those
around her understood her disability. She
was spayed and rehomed to a lovely
couple from Galway during 2001.
Here's the gorgeous Sophie who
rules the roost in her new home in
Achill! Sophie was rescued and
rehomed in 2000 and is very much
loved by her new family.
Here are just a handful of the happy endings from 2001. Cats who needed a new start in
life and were lucky enough to get one. Thanks to all of you who offered good homes to
our rescued cats last year and we look forward to many more happy endings this year.
Please check our rehoming page for our current rescues seeking love and affection and
a forever home.

If anyone would like to forward a photo of a Mayo Cat Rescue cat in their new home,
please send to Mayo Cat Rescue, 19, St Marys Crescent, Westport, Co Mayo and we will
be happy to feature it on this page!
This is a lovely story from a lovely lady called Rosemary who lives in the UK and below
is a photo of the kitten they rescued, now a cat, whom they named Alice, in her new
home. What a lucky cat!

"My husband and I holiday in Mayo every year and have done so for many years
(usually around the Bangor Erris area). Being in cat welfare myself in the UK I never
travel anywhere without a cat basket in the car, least of all to Ireland, just in case!
Anyway, in Sept '98 it was needed when we came across what we thought was a lump
of turf in the road miles from anywhere. It turned out to be a black kitten about 8 weeks
old, starving, hungry and obviously had been 'dumped'. Anyway, we took her back to
our rented house and with the help of an old biscuit tin for a litter tray, we kept her for
the rest of the holiday, and when it was time to return home she obviously came with
us, in the car and on the ferry from Dublin to Liverpool. She joined our other 3 cats and
is now a much loved member of the family, having been spayed and vaccinated of
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