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Friendship Subscription
Become a Friend of Mayo Cat Rescue & the Mayo Animal
Sanctuary Appeal for E15 per year and you could win a
day at Rosmoney Spa!
Your E15 Friendship Subscription could help us in so many ways. It could help cats like
Muldoon who, for reasons we will never know, found himself lost and alone at a
graveyard one bitterly cold Sunday in January of this year. People calling to the
graveyard that day can't have failed to notice the black and white cat who ran after them
and miaowed beseechingly at their feet as they made their way through the gravestones.
But no one heeded his cries. Until Mayo Cat Rescue was alerted to his plight.

I drove through the darkness and as I approached the lonely wind whipped graveyard,
the headlights picked him out sitting patiently on the roadside waiting. As I opened the
car door, he ran towards me, miaowing anxiously. I scooped him up in my arms, sat
back into the warm car and placed him in a cat carrier which contained a bowl of
catfood. Another successful rescue.

Just recently I again drove through the darkness with Muldoon in a cat carrier. This time
we were on our way to his new home. The people sounded very nice and were offering
a good home. I stepped into their livingroom and we all got down on our knees as I
opened the cat carrier. Muldoon stepped out and it was love at first sight for him and
them. As we humans sat and chatted, Muldoon wandered around his new home. Then,
as I got up to leave, he lay down on the carpet and looked at me. The look said it
all......"I'll be fine here."

Muldoon was lucky. Sadly Mayo Cat Rescue is not in a position to help all the other cats
and kittens like Muldoon that need it. Without money, we can do nothing. We can't
rescue them, we can't feed them, we can't treat their injuries and illnesses, we can't give
them the second chance they deserve.

The Mayo Animal Sanctuary Appeal was founded to raise money to build a Sanctuary for
rescued animals in Co Mayo. E55,000 (43,500) has been raised so far. Your E15 could
bring us closer to our target. Closer to the building of a spacious well equipped
Sanctuary with proper facilities where the strays and the unwanted, the sick and the
injured, the abused and the neglected can find food and warmth, love and care. The
animals need you. They need your friendship. Become a friend today. Your E15 can
make a difference.

Please send your E15 Friendship Subscription along with your name, address and
telephone No to: Friendship Subscription, c/o 19 St Marys Crescent, Westport, Co
Mayo, Ireland.

Everyone who becomes a Friend of Mayo Cat Rescue and the Mayo Animal Sanctuary
Appeal will be automatically entered into a "friends only" draw for a day at the fabulous
Rosmoney Spa. Situated 6km from Westport at the waters edge at Rosmoney Harbour,
it is a haven where you can come to be rejuvenated, relaxed and pampered in luxurious
surroundings. There are ten state of the art rooms and the Spa has a beautiful mosiac
Hydro Therapy pool that is heated to 32 degrees. The fully glazed relaxation suite offers
breathtaking views of the sea and you can avail of complimentary drinks, juices, fresh
fruit and crudities while relaxing.

The Vitality Day Package worth 90 (E114) is the wonderful prize for the "friends only"
draw and consists of Algotherapy, Balneotherapy, Vibrosaun, Facial, Brumisation,
Luncheon, Hydrotherapy Pool, Steamroom, Jacuzzi and Relaxation Suite. The day
starts at 10a.m. and finishes at 5p.m. And it could be yours!

This page last modified on Wednesday, January 30, 2002