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Dear friend,
The Mayo Animal Sanctuary Appeal was launched on 1st April 1998 in an effort
to raise money to build a Sanctuary for rescued animals (cats, dogs, goats,
donkeys, horses, etc) in Co Mayo, something which is desperately, urgently
needed. There is a huge problem with unwanted, abandoned and stray animals
in the County and at the present time, there are no proper facilities - no place for
rescued animals to stay until good homes can be found for them. If it wasn't for
a handful of dedicated people working from their own homes, the situation
would be truly awful. As it is, far too many rescued animals have to be put to
sleep because there is no Animal Sanctuary in Co Mayo.

It is a deeply upsetting and truly heartbreaking experience having to put
adorable, loving, healthy animals to sleep, many of them cute, cuddly young pups
and kittens who are so full of life and energy and who so want to live or the
older ones with their sad eyes who have experienced suffering but have so much
love left to give and so much life left to live. Don't they deserve a chance?

A Sanctuary for rescued animals in Co Mayo would mean so much. It would
mean space and time for the rescued animals to recover from hunger, disease,
cruelty, neglect or illness. It would mean a warm, safe place where the animals
could stay while a good home was found for them. Most of all it would mean we
could look them in the eye and say; "yes, you can LIVE."

We are trying to raise E100,000. It's a lot of money. But it's needed to build
proper facilities, such a a spacious cattery for the rescued cats with perhaps a
Conservatory for them to catnap in the sun, though it's much more likely they'd
be looking out at the rain given the weather in the west of Ireland!! Large
kennels for the rescued dogs with spacious runs/playgrounds so they could
bounce around and get plenty of exercise! We'd need heat in the winter to keep
everyone warm. We'd need a quarantine area, storage room, kitchen, office,
electricity, plumbing, security system, etc, etc. So much is needed. Most of all
what's needed is money to help us achieve our dream. We have a plot of land
and nearly four years ago we set ourselves the task of raising the money to build
the Sanctuary. Will you help us reach our target of E100,000 so we can save
the animals?

We desperately need donations. Please help us achieve our aim by donating to
the Mayo Animal Sanctuary Appeal Bank Account No: 19918075 (sort code 93
70 88), Allied Irish Bank, Main St, Castlebar, Co Mayo, Ireland. If you wish to
donate regularly, you may instruct your Bank to set up a Standing Order using
the above details. Or send a cheque, bank draft, postal order or money order in
Irish Pounds made payable to the Mayo Animal Sanctuary Appeal to the
following address: The Chairperson, 19 St Marys Crescent, Westport, Co
Mayo, Ireland.

Please don't let the animals down. Please donate today.
Remember, interest is no good unless it's in the Bank!
On behalf of the animals, we thank you for your support.

This page last modified on Wednesday, January 30, 2002