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The following rescued cats and kittens are presently seeking a place in
your home and in your heart. Can you give them the loving and secure
homes they are waiting for? If the answer is yes, please phone 098-27752
or click on the e-mail button.
Tim is, as you can see, a beautiful sleek
black adult male cat and quite proud of
his looks! He is neutered and
vaccinated, about 18 months old and
an independent kind of cat, although
he likes attention and affection. He is
litter trained and would make a lovely
pet for someone.

There are several other kittens and cats around Mayo seeking homes, so please
contact us if you can give them a warm safe caring home. Mayo Cat Rescue vets all
potential new cat owners so please be prepared to answer some basic questions and
give details of the kind of home you are offering. Viewing of cats is by appointment

Look at that happy contented face! You
can almost hear the purring! NELSON is
the most gorgeous black and white adult
male cat. He is so friendly and
affectionate. All he wants to do is cuddle
up to you and purr. Nelson obviously
belonged to someone somewhere at
some time in the past. Whatever
happened, when he was brought to
Mayo Cat Rescue, his tail was injured
and so badly infected, it had to be
removed. Nevertheless, Nelson has
taken this in his stride and even without a
tail, is still a handsome cat. He is
neutered and litter trained and would be
a lovely cat for anyone to have around.

KIM is a lovely black and white adult spayed
female cat, about 18 months old and a bit of a
character too! When she wants food or
cuddles, she miaows loudly until she gets what
she wants! (Like most females!!!!) Likes
attention and affection. Not used to children or
dogs. Would make a lovely pet.
HELP! Mayo Cat Rescue has several cats and kittens seeking homes. Most
are neutered, healthy and tame. They are all ages and colours. If you feel you
can offer a good caring home to any of them, please don't hesitate to phone
us. Taking on a cat is a big responsibility, not something to be entered into
lightly, so please give it plenty of thought before making the decision to get
one. When you phone MCR, you will be required to answer some basic
questions on the kind of home you are offering. And viewing of the cats is by
appointment only.
Hi, my name is Katie and I'm hoping to
walk right into your life! I'm a gorgeous
black and white spayed female cat. I
have a long history. I was rescued off
the streets by Mayo Cat Rescue in late
'99 and rehomed to a lovely family in
early 2000. However they moved away
this summer and couldn't bring me
with them so here I am once again
looking for a loving family to live with.
I'm waiting to hear from you!
Also white spayed adult female cat with one yellow and one blue eye seeking a
new life. Presently living outside. She would love a warm fire or lap to cuddle into.
Can you provide either?

Gorgeous lively six month old ginger male cat. Full of beans and energy. Loves to
be petted and cuddled.
Ryan - Lovely black and white adult neutered male cat. Quiet cat, no trouble at all to
care for. Would suit quiet home with no young children.

This page last modified on Sunday, February 24, 2002